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Pro cestovní kanceláře

Are you looking for a reliable conveyor for your clients? Do you need to arrange the accommodation and boarding for a group or for individuals? Are you preparing team-building events, golf events or sport tournaments for important clients or business associates? Give them always more than they expect. You can find out more about our offer in the individual chapters.

Pro individualní klienty

Do you like playing golf, being treated with special care or being active in your leisure time? Come and try it in the Czech Republic. Across Europe, the Czech Republic
is known as a traditional place of spas and rising golf tourism. We offer you both separate services and full packages.
It is just up to you what you choose from the selection below.

About us

The company Adax-Tour, Ltd. has been established in 1996 as a transport
and incoming travel agency and is a member... More about us

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