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AdaxTravel, Ltd.

Adax is a unique desert antelope, a rare species that is difficult to find in the Sahara. Travel means a journey, travelling and discovering…
Adaxtravel is here for you to invite you to a unique journey
- to discover unique places and exceptional adventures
- to enjoy its unique spots where you may relax and search for inspiration
- to welcome you to the Czech Republic, that is unique in many ways,
and via each of our different traveller´s programs we may show you one of its different features.

The company Adaxtravel, Ltd. has been established in 1996 as a transport and incoming travel agency and is a member of The Czech and Moravian Transport Association. Since then it had the honour to offer its high-quality services to clients from various countries, including Europe, Middle-East, Far East and Northern America, either to its individual and V.I.P clients, small or collective tours, to congress visitors and others.

Adaxtravel´s services include:
- travellers packages - transport by its own cars, buses and limousines
- guide and translation services – hotels and accomodation arranging
- the most interesting cultural events and shows recommendation and booking
- sight-seeing tours, field trips, seminars - restaurants and gastronomic parties…

Besides that we are proud to let you choose from our thematic traveller´s packages, such as the Czech Spa Traveller´s Program, Czech Golf Traveller´s Programme or the traditional Czech Historical and Cultural Traveller´s Programme.

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